Turtle Bellies Box of 4


Savor the scrumptious sweetness of decadent chocolate, toasted pecans, and creamy caramel with a dash of cinnamon. available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, with or without pecans, these adorable tiny turtles make a delightfully whimsical gift.



Refund Policy:
Because these are a food item, they cannot be returned. But, if for any reason you are unhappy with your turtle bellies, call us.

Important Safety Info:
Each turtle bellie contains pecans with a dash of cinnamon. Pecans and cinnamon can be possible allergens. People with known allergies to pecans or cinnamon pose a risk or developing a hypersensitivity reaction.


6 reviews for Turtle Bellies Box of 4

Awesome Chocolate!!!! We received ours in the mail at 5:30pm and they were gone at 5:31pm with our 3 kiddos! And cant lie mom and dad helped a little!!!! Excellent!!! Thank You Lisa and Cody!!!!

Thank you Lisa and Cody! My boys LOVED the chocolates…so delicious and creative!

I bought a box at the Just for Her event and my intention was to spread out these treats over the course of a couple of weeks. However, they were far too delicious and only last a couple of days (and that was with me exercising some restraint). Lol

I received my turtle bellies yesterday. The packaging and presentation were awesome, but the dark chocolate and caramel were delicious. If you like chocolate and caramel, you’ll love these turtle bellies!

These are so yummy!! I thought the milk chocolate was going to be my favorite until I tried the dark chocolate! Both are delicious and adorable!! This was a great gift idea, so glad I ordered a dozen to complete my Christmas shopping!!

I received a box of these cute little turtles from a friend. They didn’t last long. Delicious and perfect treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. I ordered 2 boxes and my only complaint is they don’t come in a case. Every detail is perfect and so is the taste! I am a fan! Thank you Lisa and Cody.

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