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PS. Kiddos love em!

My son and I love to whip up all kinds of mouth watering treats and there is nothing better than the combination of milk chocolate, a secret recipe of toasted pecans (locally grown and the big fat puffy pecans) and an insanely smooth caramel.

We searched the Midwest at lengths to find the best tasting milk chocolate, those puffy pecans (who knew different kinds of pecans taste so different) and the perfect slick caramel (some caramel is gritty and that will not do). We found the right combination of all three.

Each turtle bellie takes 2 days from start to finish and here’s why…they are hand poured, timed for set up and refrigeration, then let set overnight. Next day they are hand carved and candy eye balls made from royal icing are applied and then set for 6 hours to ensure those eyeballs will stick. Then, a clear edible glaze goes on and a dusting of edible green glitter to give each turtle bellie a turtle sheen…voila! Turtle perfection!


Each turtle bellie is individually wrapped in their turtle nest (6 to a box) and then the box is shrink wrapped with plastic to ensure their freshness and they are kept airtight.

Local delivery:
We do offer local delivery within the KC Metro area for a $5.00 delivery fee. Please call directly to arrange. 913-579-3857

Local pick-up:
This is also an option if you just can’t wait for these yummy treats. Again, call to arrange. 913-579-3857

As long as outside temperatures are 75º or below, we are happy to ship Turtle Bellies to you! Once it is warmer than that, you run the risk of having a melted turtle show up at your house.  If you are desperate, even in warmer temperatures, we do offer overnight shipping. It just gets a little pricey!

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Important Safety Information: “Hypersensitivity reactions may occur to those with known allergies to pecans and cinnamon.” For best long term results, store your turtles in a dry, room temperature area. It is ok to refrigerate, but upon removal, turtles can bloom. Bloom is when a fine, whitish coating can appear on the surface of your chocolate turtle. Blooming does not hurt the integrity or taste of your turtle, just looks like your chocolate is old.